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Carp Fishing Lakes-Lamby Lake

Carp Fishing Lake

Carp Fishing Lakes-Lamby Lake

Location: Lamby Lake, Cardiff, Wales

Size: 10 Acres

Difficulty Rating: Moderate

Contact: Lamby Lake, Lamby Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF3 2EQ


Tel: 07878 831048 Rich Fisheries Manager



Day Tickets – £8 (16 and older)

Day Season Tickets – £80

Night/Day Membership – £150

All tickets 50% off for OAP’s and Children under 16

Fishery Rules:

  • Night fishing allowed for members of the night fishing syndicate.
  • No fish can be removed from fishery.
  • No boats are allowed.
  • Two rod max.
  • Must have an EA Rod License.
  • No keep nets or sacks allowed for carp.
  • No bent hooks or barbed hooks allowed, only micro barbed.
  • No fixed leads allowed.
  • No unattended rods allowed.
  • Unhooking mats required.
  • No litter left behind.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife.
  • All dog messes must be removed immediately.
  • No fires allowed.
  • No mass baiting of nuts allowed.


Lamby Lake is a relatively young fishing club located in Cardiff and is located in Parc Tedelerch. It is a coarse fishery as well as great for carp fishing, that is run by a team of local anglers who are very dedicated to producing one of the top coarse fisheries in Wales. They pride themselves on the quality of the fish and not the quantity.

The lake is actually part of a wildlife center so it is important that the lake and its surroundings are treated with respect and this includes the plant life as well as the wildlife in the area. You will find that the lake is stocked nicely with some nice sized carp in the 30’s and a lot of young carp in the 20’s, the type of carp stocked here are mirrors, commons, leathers, ghost and grass carp. They also stock the lake with tench, perch and golden rudd.

The lake is 10 acres in size and is relatively young. It was dug back in 2001 from an old river bed and is now full of rich plant life along with animal life of all sorts. The water is of high quality making it a perfect place for the fish to thrive. The existing stock of fish are doing quite well and are happily spawning and growing fast, at about seven pounds a year.

If  you are a member of Lamby Lake you will be happy to know that the fishery will pay for a premium insurance. This means that each member gets Personal Liability Insurance for not just fishing at Lamby Lake but wherever they might be fishing. This means that if one of their members accidentally causes any kind of damage to someone or to the property they own while their member is carp fishing or any other kind of fishing, and the person wants to prosecute their member for the damages, the insurance will cover their members.

Another great thing about this fishery is that when you come to do so carp fishing or coarse fishing, the lake is close to the Welsh capital and this means that you are close to everything you might need for your trip. There are plenty of shops that are close by, including a Gary Evans tackle shop. So, you can pretty much find everything you need at the nearby capital. Even though it is close to the capital of Wales, the lake is still very peaceful and you feel like you are miles and miles away from the busyness of the big city.


30+lb mirror

Beautiful mirror over 30lbs caught at Lamby Lake.














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