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Carp Fishing Video with Terry Hearn Tying the Stiff Rig

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Carp Fishing Video with Terry Hearn Tying the Stiff Rig

In this video you are guided by Carp Fishing legend Terry Hearn in tying a hinged stiff rig. He explains how this rig is not much different than the chod rig that he explained in two parts except that there are two swivels on this rig. Explaining that this part of the rig with two swivels and topped off with the pop up is called the boom.

In order to make the boom he stresses the importance of making sure the line is stiff enough and one of the best weights is 35lb line. Terry stresses that the bottom swivel is the most important of the two swivels and it needs to be free running and the other swivel should be a 50lb test. He guides you through how to tie the bottom swivel on with a special two turn knot and to make sure that the loop that is created is a good sized loop and not a small one. Once the knot is tied he shows how to trim off the excess line and burn off the end with a lighter. As for the size of the boom he recommends that it is at least seven inches in length.

Put a curve in the Pop Up Section

Terry then shows you how to attach the second swivel to the line with the same knot along with the same sized loop that is fairly large. Once the swivels are attached he then instructs you how to add the pop up to the boom and then show how to add some pop up putty and suggests that it needs to be done with just a small neat amount and to make sure that it is nice and smooth. He then shows you how to put a curve in the pop up section and reminds you to make sure the swivels are free running. Then he straightens out the boom and hooks it to the lead core the same way as his chod rig.

Terry suggests that you make several of these booms up ahead of time so that you will not have to worry about making them on the bank.

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