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Carp Fishing Venues Yateley Car Park Lake

Carp Fishing Venues Yately Car Park Lake

Location: Yateley Car Park Lake, Hants

Size: 9 acres

Difficulty Rating: Difficult

Contact: Cemex Angling, Yateley Car Park Lake, Sandhurst Road, Yateley, Hants GU47 9JQ


Tel: 01932 583630



You will need to contact Cemex Angling to get pricing since Yateley is part of the Cemex Complex.

Fishery Rules:

The rules are handed out to every member who joins Cemex Angling.

They do have strict rod limits that must be adhered to.

June 1 through Oct 31 and they only allow 2 rods.

November 1 through February 28 they allow 3 rods.

Bait boats are allowed as long as you have a bait boat permit.

Venue Records:

Common Carp – 37 pounds

Mirror Carp – 52 pounds

Tench – 11 pounds


Yateley Car Park is a gravel pit that is nine acres in size and really doesn’t need much introduction since it is considered one of the more famous carp lakes in the entire country. It probably has at least six very large mirrors that weigh up and beyond the 50 pound mark and with some good commons weighing more than 30 pounds. There are also some pretty good tench swimming in the lake as well. Yateley car park lake¬†is great for the thrill of the chase of the very big carp on this particular water, it is the perfect water for the extremely dedicated carp angler who knows that perseverance is what is needed to accomplish their fishing goals.

In 2009, the complex decided that in order to prolong this lakes carp fishing history that they need to stock the lake with special fish. So, they went and hand picked 10 different Leney/Dink and Italian strain carp in the spring of that year. Just recently, these fish have been caught and they are already weighing into their 20s. The fish they chose were all female which helps during the spawning season.

Even though the strain is quoted as being Italian, this group of fish have been breeding in the UK for well over 30 years now and when they are stocked in different lakes their weight increases immensely and they produce some really great looking carp that anglers can enjoy for years to come.

The Leney/Dink strain of car really don’t need any introduction. Most anglers know these are classic lines of the Leney strain that have beautiful scale patterns. They are beautiful enough to be compared with the pure strain of the Leney’s. This strain was created by introducing the genes from strains of Dink that are famous for great growth rates which has proven when combined together is coming up with fast growing beautifully marked carp.

Yateley Car Park Lake is part of the Cemex Angling Complex and the stock fish are chosen wisely and from only three sources throughout the United Kingdom. You also can be assured that all of the waters in their care are kept in top notch condition for the inhabitants of the lakes and for the enjoyment of their angling members.

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42lbs Yatley Car Park

Gaz Fareham with Dustbin at 42 lbs


Rainbow at Yateley Carp Park

Beautiful rainbow view of lake.






























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