Crystal Waters Carp Fishery – Burgundy


Carp Fishing – Crystal Waters Carp Fishery – Burgundy

Location: Crystal Waters Carp Fishery, Burgundy, Sens, France

Size: 35 acres with a 25 acre, 2 island lake

Difficulty Rating: Moderate to Hard

Contact: Crystal Waters Carp Fishery, Park View, High Street, Upper Dean, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0LY


Tel: 44 (0)845 1801412



Drive & Survive – ?325.00 per adult per week, ?200.00 Under 12 per week, Non-fishing partners free

Drive & Tucker – (You drive and book Channel crossing and drive to venue, they supply and cook your food) ?435.00 per person per week, ?275.00 Under 12 per week, ?125.00 for non-fishing partner

Full Package – (Includes ferry, minibus to lake and food) ?600.00 per person per week, ?375.00 Under 12 per week, ?200.00 non-fishing partner per week.

Meals Provided:

Breakfast – Your choice of a full English breakfast with tea or coffee at the unit or a large French pan filled with English Cumberland Sausage, English Back Bacon, Fresh Free Range eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Evening Meals

Saturday – Large piece of roast chicken, chips and peas.

Sunday – Roast beef dinner with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables.

Monday – A BBQ with peppered pork chop and Piri Piri Chicken skewer, fresh mixed salad, rice, spicy potatoes and French bread.

Tuesday – Sirlion steak cassarole wiht onions and peppers, buttered potatoes and 2 x vegetables, French bread.

Wednesday – Chili with long grain rice, salad and garlic bread.

Thursday – Large pork chop cooked in a red wine sauce served with cream mash potato and vegetables.

Friday – Chicken Tikka Curry with basmati rice and Naa bread.

Fishery Rules:

  • No boats. (bait boats allowed)
  • No swimming.
  • No sacking.
  • No particle.
  • No plastic baits.
  • No fixed rigs.
  • No braid main lines.
  • No braid or lead core leaders.
  • No barbed hooks.
  • No fires allowed.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No unattended rods allowed.
  • No climbing allowed.
  • No litter left behind.
  • No loud music.
  • No removal of fish.
  • Unhooking mats required (provided)
  • 3 rod maximum.
  • 15lb minimum mono line.
  • Single hook length only.
  • Cars must be in car park.


Crystal Waters is set in the Burgundy region of France and is just 2 miles away from the village called Sens and is a four hour drive away from the town of Calais. The lake is 25 acres in size, has two islands and is in a beautiful and tranquil area that is 35 acres in size. They have 16 swims that will accommodate up to 10 anglers on any single trip. The record fish caught is a 68lb mirror carp. The lake offers great and challenging carp fishing and excellent facilities for anglers. There is fresh drinking water, mobile phone charging areas, f1 style lodge with English SKY TV, showers, toilets with changing rooms, the use of a fridge and freezer as well.

They offer three different kinds of bait on site that they sell to their visiting anglers.

Red Crustacean – This is a potent blend of Haith’s Robin Red, crayfish, shrimp and krill meal combined with liver extract and LT fishmeal plus Gulp which is a carp attractant. ?45.00 per 6Kg bucket.

French Connections – This is freezer bait made of a base mix that is made by using low temperature and pre-digested fish meals with liver and GLM as its main make up with some robin red and liver extract and using a caviar and black pepper flavoring. ?35.00 per 5Kg sack.

Pure Muscle – Also a freezer bait that is produced by using low temperatures and pre-digested fish meals with liver and GLM as the majority of its make up and a few other special ingredients. This is great fish meal boilie that is used all year round and is very digestible for the carp. ?35.00 per 5Kg sack.

If you want to use their bait yo will need to pre-book it a least 2 weeks before leaving for your carp fishing trip to Crystal Waters Fishery.

Here is a few current carp fishing catch report listings for Crystal Waters:

Week Ending 16th June 2012 – 7 anglers – Total fish caught 64.

13 weighing 30 to 35 pounds

12 weighing 35 to 40 pounds

6 weighing 40 to 45 pounds

3 weighing more than 45 pounds

The biggest being a mirror that weight 55lb 4oz

Week Ending 2nd June 2012 – 8 anglers – Total fish caught 108

15 weighing 30 to 35 pounds

30 weighing 35 to 40 pounds

12 weighing 40 to 45 pounds

3 weighing over 45 pounds.

The biggest being a mirror weighing 53lb 1oz

If you want to take a break from your carp fishing at any time you will be happy to know that the village of Sens is just two miles away and you can take a quick trip there and browse around this lovely village. There is plenty of history to experience and to see by taking a trip to the village.

This little town grew up on the River Yonne and made the Cathedral St-Etienne as the center of everything, it became a very important ecclesiastical entity. The main point of interest is of course the cathedral and all other things from there. This cathederal is one of the very first great Gothic cathedrals in all of France and it has inspired many others with its inspirational layout and design. In fact it even inspired the architect of the Canterbury Cathedral in England. They first began work on the cathedral in 1135. It was Archbishop Henri Sanglier that commissioned for the work to be done. Until 1622 this particular diocese had pre-eminence over Chartres, Paris, Auxerre, Meaux, Nevers, Orleans and Troyes. The cathedral has incredible stained glass windows that date from the 13th through 19th centuries.

Right next to the cathedral is the Palais Synodal and it has been turned into a museum the now houses Le Tresor, which is the finest collection of church vestments in the entire country of France. It also includes different tapestries, robes and chalices that are all on display for visitors to see. There is even the the robes and chalice of Thomas a Becket. Other parts of the museum houses various different archaeological items and the Marrey private art collection that includes “L’Age d’airain” by Rodin and various works by Peter Brueghel. There is also an Orangerie garden the the south side of the cathedral. From the cathedral there is a 19th century covered market building and a very charming and interesting Italian style theatre which is in Boulevard des Garibaldi and it dates back to 1882.

You will also find the Le parc du Moulin a Tan which is a garden that covers 10 hectares by the river. It offers a nice variety of landscapes with tropical plants, a wild area for the natural flora and fauna of the area as well as a beautiful rose garden.

You will also enjoy the cafes that are in the Place de la Republique that is around the cathedral. They are half timbered houses that hold cafes and shops along the walkway for pedestrians called Grande Rue. They also have a wonderful cheese shop at 1 Vieilles Etuves which is called Parret, they also sell wine to go with your cheese. Other places to eat are the La Madeleine on Rue Alsace-Lorraine, Le Clos des Jacobins on 49 Grande Rue, Au Crieur de vin, on Rue d’Alace-Lorraine and Auberge de la Vanne, on Ave Senigallia.

68lb lake record

Incredible 68 pound mirror setting a new record at Crystal Waters.


crystal waters lodge

Outside of the lodge at Crystal Waters Carp Fishery.


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