Lac du Menhir


Lac du Menhir

Location: Lac du Menhir, France

Size: 6 acres

Difficulty Rating: Moderate to Hard

Contact: Paul or Katharine Hodkinson via telephone or email. Address for payments – KPH Lakes Limited, 8 Bridle Way, Great Amwell, Ware, Herts, SG12 9TJ


Tel: 07810 800650



This is a exclusive lake booking only with a maximum of 4 anglers allowed – £1000 per week

Bait Prices -

Premier Baits (Aminos) – 5kg, 16mm £35, Pop-ups 100grm pot £5, Bait Soak 100ml £4, Hard Hookbaits 100grm pot £5

Trigga Pineapple & NButyric – 5kg 15mm £46, Pop-ups 45/pot approx £4.50, Bait spray 100ml £4.50

Prepared Particle (Hot Hemp) – 2.5 liter £7.50

CC Moore N-Gage – Intense Cooked Particle (Tiger nuts in tarlin) 2.5 liter £10.99, N-Gage XP 5kg 18mm £46.00, N-Gage XP pop-ups 100grm pot 18mm £5.00, N-Gage XP hard hookbaits 100grm pot 18mm £5.00

Maple Cream Lake Specials – 5kg 20mm £38.00

Sarb Pellet – 20kg 10mm £37.00

Prepared Particle – Party Mix 5kg £6.00, French Maize 2.5kg £4.50, Hemp 2.5kg £7.00

Fishery Rules:

There are no rules listed on their website, so you will need to contact them to get a full list of their rules.

Carp Stock:

There are estimated to be over 300 carp that consists of 200 original when the owners took over the lake in 2010, when they added 100 of their own. All of which are fast growing carp. The species in the lake are mirrors, commons and some sturgeon. The largest mirror on record so far is 53 pounds and the largest common 41 pounds with the biggest sturgeon on record being 39 pounds. The lake has only been commercially fished for a couple of years.


This is an exclusive carp fishing holiday lake and is just a two hour drive from Calais. This lake was named after the stone visible in the water “Menhir” which means standing stone.

It is a very mature six acre lake that has two islands with silt channels, some gravel bars and a total of eight swims, with just four anglers allowed to fish at any one time. The lake is a gravel pit which has an average dept of about 12 to 14 feet. The swims are a combination of both natural and newly mam made ones to enhance their beauty, and all snags have been removed from the lake. It is also entirely fenced and private.

You will also find a lodge that is fully equipped with an accommodation right next to the lake itself. The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen with a bait freezer, a shower, toilet, separate dining area and barbeque area. They also offer a bait and pellet ordering service as well.

If while carp fishing at the lake you decide that you want to go out and explore the surrounding area you will discover just ten minutes away, the lovely little town of Pont-Sainte-Maxence. Here you will experience a true traditional French market town with a variety of nice shops, bars and restaurants. There are also other local attractions of interest such as the town of Compiegne, which is just a 25 minute drive from Lac du Menhir. If you happen to bring the entire family on your carp fishing holiday, you might want to take them to Euro Disney which is less than an hours drive from the lake. If Paris is on your list to visit, you’ll be happy to know that it’s just a 40 minute drive from Lac du Menhir.


View of lake from a swim

Nice view of the lake.














Nice mirror

Good sized Leather around 50lbs.












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