Lake Perigny la Rose


Lake Perigny la Rose

Location: Perigny la Rose, France

Size: 13 acres

Difficulty Rating: Easy to Moderate

Contact: BMP Carfisheries, 11 Parnell Close, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8PF


Tel: Brian – 07787 403238 or Pascal 07595 652166



7 nights – £250 per angler

All Inclusive – £1300 max 10 anglers

Fishery Rules:

  1. 4 rod maximum.
  2. No cutting of trees or vegetation.
  3. No fires allowed. Use only barbecues that are provided.
  4. Bait boats are allowed.
  5. No swimming allowed.
  6. No litter left behind.
  7. Cars parked in parking area only.
  8. No fish to be removed from site.
  9. No nuts allowed.

Carp Stock:

The lake has a good amount of carp that was stocked twice a year until 2008 when the population had a steady growth with the record common standing at 55 pounds and the record mirror standing at a little over 50 pounds. The lake is stocked with just grass, commons and mirrors and the average size is between 23 pounds and 32 pounds.


Lake Perigny la Rose is located in the Champagne-Ardennes region of France and is near Epernay. and is just 3 1/2 hours drive from Calais mostly by straight motorway, so it’s a pretty easy drive to get to from Calais. The lake itself is 13 acres in size and was established about 18 years ago. The Mayor of Perigny la Rose along with a team of workers refurnished the pit and made all of the banks ready and available for fishing. It is totally secured behind a fence that goes around the entire 15 acres of land. There is also a nice track that goes around the lake. The swims on the lake are very nicely spaced and have nice grassy areas for anglers bivvies and rods. The banks at the lake are nice and smooth so you can easily fish anywhere from your swim.

The bed of the lake is a real gravel pit style and has gravel bars, holes and plateaus all over it. You won’t find many weeds because there is a nice head of grass carp that make sure that the weeds are kept in line.

If you have need for supplies or want to go out to eat or have a few drinks, you will find that the nearest supermarket is about 15 minutes away by car and the nearest bar/tabac is about a 10 minute drive. Onsite you will find a nice mobile home that can be hired when you book an all inclusive trip and it has everything you could possibly need for a comfortable carp fishing holiday including a fully equipped kitchen. You will also find a hot shower and an English style toilet onsite as well along with a washing/sink area that was constructed in 2002.

This is a great fishing experience for any angler wanting to get to France for some good fishing for carp only. It’s a good place to come alone or to come with a group of friends, or you might even want to bring the entire family since there is a nice little mobile home that can be included in the all inclusive stay. There is plenty for the family to do other than fish by going out and exploring the surrounding areas such as the town of Perigny la Rose, which the lake is named for.


Big 50lb mirror

Beautiful mirror caught at lake.



Lake Perigny la Rose

View from one of the swims.



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